The guest house "South-1" Gelendzhik

Do you miss caressing sun, warm sea, mild climate? We invite You to Gelendzhik! A good choice for a comfortable vacation will be a three-storey guest house "South-1". Why us? Why choose us? We are able to be flexible hosts and quickly make changes to the home equipment depending on the composition of the group (install a child's bed, make ramps to move wheelchairs, to install or remove sleeping spaces, provide skewers, etc.) We have the existence of an agreement with other hoteliers and contractors for the provision of additional services to its guests, if these services are not available centrally We are able to resolve conflict situations (to find the cause trouble in itself) We always maintain a joyful atmosphere in your guest house. We accented attention to even the smallest request (to change once again towel to dry damaged child linen, a phone call, etc.) The ability to take note of any comment guests The desire to improve the quality of services


Choosing our guest house and by booking You acknowledge that you have read and agree to all terms and conditions specified in this section !!! The basic rules of the guest house : The guest house is considered to be booked only after the Deposit and confirm the amount of the preliminary Deposit. (With the exception of certain agreements and reservations of rooms in the "Hot offers". Typically, the amount of the Deposit in the amount of 15% of the booking for each selected number). - The Deposit amount will be deducted from the full cost when paying for Your accommodation and is NOT refundable if for any reason You decide to cancel the booked rooms !!

Check-in 14:00
Check-out 12:00
Reservation cancellation In the case of a guaranteed reservation, with a delay of a day will be charged for the actual simple rooms. In case of no-show and no notifications during the day (from the time of expected arrival) via telephone administration of the new date and time of arrival, the booking is cancelled the Deposit is not refundable and accommodation is available in the queue, if there are available rooms. At the end of the day (in case of no notification of a new date and time of arrival) the Guest house reserves the right to provide the reserved room to another guest without a return payment. With timely notification to the Guest about the new time and date of arrival, the reservation can be saved, you will be charged for the actual simple rooms.
The change in length of stay While reducing length of stay less than 72 hours (3 days) prior to scheduled departure will incur a penalty charge of 1 night stay. In case of reduction of length of stay more than 3 days (on 4-ro nights of the total stay) is charged a penalty of 50% of the value of reduced length of stay. While reducing the length of stay in any case, the guest pays the price not less than the minimum period of settlement (3 days).
The rooms and the guest house is PROHIBITED: During your stay, be sure to respect the peace and quiet !!! The rooms and grounds of the never turn on high volume of the audio system, TVs. Especially at night from 23:00 to 9:00. This also applies to loud "get-togethers" with the abuse of alcohol, which can disturb the tranquillity of other holidaymakers. We respect the comfort and tranquility of our guests, and our hospitality, so fans of noisy and riotous holiday - please, choose another placement that meets Your preferences and criteria, such a "noisy" holiday in our guest house are NOT welcome !!! - Smoking in the rooms the guest house is strictly prohibited! (Smoking in the rooms at the guest house will be charged at the rate of 3 000 roubles with the subsequent warning or in case of repeated violation - expulsion !!!). - Willful cooking in rooms is strictly prohibited !!! - It is forbidden to use heating appliances (electric ovens, boilers, kettles, ...) unless otherwise agreed with the owner herself. - It is forbidden to convey to other people the keys to Your room. - The air conditioner is running it is forbidden to leave open Windows and doors. Please respect the property, abide by the established policies, cleanliness, close the Windows and water taps after use, turn off lights, TV, going to close the room with a key.
If You have booked a room with food Food arranged in a certain time: Breakfast at 9:00 Lunch at 14:00 Dinner at 19:00
Extension of stay is possible upon availability of free rooms. All calculations and the payment is made in rubles

Terms & Conditions

Booking is carried out upon the request of the guest (by phone, e-mail) and be confirmed (guaranteed) reservation after approval by the administration and the prepayment in the amount of 20% of the total cost of living. In case of cancellation less than 14 days before date of arrival, no refund. In case of changes in length of stay, arrival date less than 14 days, the penalty in the amount of 1 day. Method of calculation: The remainder of the billing amount of the stay is required at check-in. Calculation of terms and time of stay: Settlement is carried out in "14:00", exit at "12:00". A single estimated time "14:00". Day in the "Guest house" - between "14:00" to "14:00" the next day. Early check-in from 0 to 6 hours: 50% of room rate Early check-in from 6 to 10 hours: 25% of room rate Late departure from 12 to 18 hours: hourly Late check-out from 18 to 0 hours: 50% of room rate

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