Room reservation

Reservation confirmation - a reservation, confirmed by a special notice sent to the Guest house to the client. In response to the client request depending on the availability of the Guest house makes the reservation and sends a reservation confirmation that contains information about the name of the guest, dates of stay, room type, price of the rooms and additional services which can be booked in advance. The text is sent to the client on the letterhead, which specify the order confirmation number, position and surname of the person responsible of the reservation Department, as well as other details. Confirmation is needed to ensure that the hotel always able to prove that the guest was informed about conditions of booking in this hotel. Usually a specific room cannot be booked, and only booked the room, but if the visitor, especially from among the permanent or VIP customers that prefer a specific number, his wish, is usually ignored. When booking, we pay attention and provide the customer with the favorite room.

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